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Go There? Hell Yeah…

For any traveler there always some destinations that stand out ahead of the rest. They are the places that amaze you, the places that inspire you, the places you want to spend the most time at and the places you’d love to return to.

So without further ado here are the places I’d go back to, my top five:

5. Denarau Island, Fiji

Denerau Island

While much of Fiji is a beach lover’s Mecca, there is one corner that has been completely dedicated to pampering tourists since the ‘60s.  Denarau Island, on the main Island of Viti Levu, boasts of being the largest integrated resort in the South Pacific. What that means is quite simple, you can stay in the Hilton, pop into the Sheraton for lunch and eat dinner in the Radisson. Less than 10 kilometres from Nadi, it boasts eight resorts, stunning beaches and an 18-hole championship golf course, but really here life is all about relaxing.

4. Bangkok, Thailand


From the frenetic traffic and the smell of exotic foods blending with exhaust fumes to all-out glitz and glamour, Thailand’s capital is an assault on the senses and yet there is something about this city that lures you back. It might just be the food, and for the price of next-to-nothing you can pick up some amazing dishes right there on the street. It’s the perfect way to fuel up, because after sundown Bangkok transforms into one of the most hedonistic party cities in the world.

3. Budapest, Hungary


If this city isn’t already known as the most beautiful in Europe, well…it should be. Created by the merging of three cities on the banks of the Danube as if the beautiful setting wasn’t enough, people have played a part in shaping that beauty. It is simply an architectural gem, sure it’s beautiful building predate the later turmoil of World War II and the Iron Curtain being drawn here, but in some ways it’s that old world feel that makes the experience even better.

2. Iceland


Other travelers agree, there is something about Iceland that changes you forever. And if there was ever a country that could leave you feeling you have landed on another planet then it is here. For nature lovers this is a land of incredible beauty so much so it is hard not to be touched by it. Few leave Iceland without a feeling like saying goodbye to a dear friend or loved one and it is for that reason most people vow to return.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

Cape Town is a city that feels like it is on the up with cutting-edge boutiques, independent galleries, and innovative restaurants. This city reinvents itself against one of the world’s most stunning backdrops – Table Mountain. That energy and the transformation make it a place to come back to check on the progress. This is a place to sit outside drinking either coffee (if it’s early) or wine and simply take it all in.

So join in, share your Top Destinations to Go There with us and the world.