Vrhnika (Slovenia): Weather forecast and hotels for a week

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High: +24°Low: +11°

Feels Like:+23°


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7-day weather forecast for Vrhnika

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Searching for an accurate weather forecast in Vrhnika for today?

Maximum daytime temperature will be +23ºC and the minimum +11ºC.

Winds will persist through the day from the east at 3.89 km/h.

The atmospheric pressure is forecasted to be 1015 hPa with 43% of humidity, and 1% of cloudiness.

Looking for an accurate weather forecast in Vrhnika for tomorrow?

Maximum daytime temperature for May 29: +24ºC and minimum nighttime temperature: +11ºC.

Average humidity 43%. Average winds will be east at 4.44 km/h.

It’s followed by 1014 hPa of atmospheric pressure and 0% cloud coverage.

Need an accurate weather forecast for this weekend in Vrhnika?

Maximum Saturday’s temperature will be near +19ºC and minimum temperature will be near +12ºC.

Average humidity 43%. Average winds will be east at 2.50 km/h.

The atmospheric pressure will be 1016 hPa and 81% of cloudiness.

FAQ for USA Travelers for Vrhnika, Slovenia:

1. What is interesting when you travel to Vrhnika, Slovenia?
Vrhnika is a beautiful small town located in Slovenia's central region, known for its scenic countryside, rich cultural heritage, and outdoor activities. Some of the top attractions in Vrhnika include the Technical Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljanica River, and the beautiful botanical garden on Villa Bianca. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature, and there are several hiking and cycling trails that offer impressive views of the countryside.

2. What is the best time to visit Vrhnika, Slovenia?
The best time to visit Vrhnika is during the summer season, from June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny. However, travelers can visit the town all year round as there are plenty of indoor activities and beautiful scenery to enjoy throughout the year.

3. What events should travelers attend in Vrhnika?
There are several events that take place in Vrhnika throughout the year, including the Festival of Blaz - a cultural and historical event that celebrates the town's patron saint, and the Ljubljanica fair - a traditional festival that brings together farmers, craftsmen, and artists from the region. Also, don't miss the opportunity to attend the Vrhnika music festival which takes place in August.

4. Which hotels do you recommend in Vrhnika, Slovenia?
Some of the best hotels to stay in when visiting Vrhnika include Dvor Tacen, Pension Na Klancu, and Hotel Mantova. These hotels are known for their excellent service, comfortable rooms, and proximity to top attractions in the town.

5. High and low seasons in Vrhnika, Slovenia?
The high season in Vrhnika is from June to September, while the low season is from November to March.

6. Temperature during the year in Vrhnika, Slovenia?
The average temperature in Vrhnika during the year is around 11 degrees Celsius.

7. Temperature during the year in Vrhnika by month?
- January: 0°C
- February: 3°C
- March: 7°C
- April: 11°C
- May: 16°C
- June: 19°C
- July: 21°C
- August: 21°C
- September: 18°C
- October: 12°C
- November: 6°C
- December: 1°C

8. Number of rainy days in Vrhnika?
On average, Vrhnika gets around 150 days of rain in a year.

9. Number of rainy days in Vrhnika by month?
- January: 15 rainy days
- February: 12 rainy days
- March: 14 rainy days
- April: 16 rainy days
- May: 17 rainy days
- June: 15 rainy days
- July: 15 rainy days
- August: 14 rainy days
- September: 13 rainy days
- October: 16 rainy days
- November: 17 rainy days
- December: 16 rainy days

10. Number of sunny days in Vrhnika?
Vrhnika gets around 180 sunny days in a year, making it a great destination for outdoor activities.

11. Number of sunny days in Vrhnika by month?
- January: 5 sunny days
- February: 5 sunny days
- March: 7 sunny days
- April: 10 sunny days
- May: 10 sunny days
- June: 12 sunny days
- July: 12 sunny days
- August: 11 sunny days
- September: 9 sunny days
- October: 7 sunny days
- November: 3 sunny days
- December: 2 sunny days.

Looking for a place to stay in Vrhnika?

Nauportus and Guesthouse Tursic are the most recommended by booked.net guests. Feel free to check more hotels in Vrhnika.

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