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Very good2 reviews
897 yd from City Center173 yd from Recre
JMSDF Kure Museum and JDS Akishio are located 0.3 miles and 0.4 miles from the affordable Hankyu respectively.
FromUS$ 163 /nightSelect
Great16 reviews
1044 yd from City Center205 yd from Recre
Located less than 5 minutes' stroll from Yamato Museum and within 10 minutes' walk of Irifuneyama Park, the 3-star Comfort Hotel Kure offers 149 spacious rooms.
FromUS$ 68 /nightSelect
Very good11 reviews
1.2 mi from City Center985 yd from JMSDF Kure Museum
Located within 0.3 miles of Yamato Museum in an entertainment area, the 4-star Clayton Bay Kure features fitness classes and entertainment activities on-site.
FromUS$ 168 /nightSelect
9.5 mi from City Center2.2 mi from Rantokaku Art Museum
Set approximately 10 minutes' drive from Sannose Gohonjin Art Cultural Museum, the rooms in the Minshuku Kamagari Kure have views of sea.
FromUS$ 42 /nightSelect
Very good7 reviews
425 yd from City Center132 yd from Kure Popolo Shopping Centre
Yamato Museum is 0.7 miles from the Guest House Kutomare and Culture Hall Of Kure City is only a 10-minute walk away.
FromUS$ 22 /nightSelect
4.6 mi from City Center1.3 mi from Ondonoseto Park
Ondo Tourism Cultural Center Uzushio is within 0.3 miles of the Gesthaus Iitake Laif, while Ondoo Bridge is approximately 10 minutes' walk away.
FromUS$ 63 /nightSelect
4.0 mi from City Center1603 yd from Ondonoseto Park
Takatoridai is 0.9 miles away and Yamato Museum can be reached within 15 minutes by car.
FromUS$ 149 /nightSelect
166 yd from City Center545 yd from Kure Popolo Shopping Centre
Kure Popolo Shopping Centre is 0.4 miles from the Hotel Jin Jin, while Niko Ballpark is about 10 minutes' stroll away.
FromUS$ 54 /nightSelect
Red SubmarineGuest house
514 yd from City Center214 yd from Culture Hall Of Kure City
The Red Submarine is 0.8 miles from Yamato Museum which leads directly onto Culture Hall Of Kure City.
FromUS$ 71 /nightSelect
12.6 mi from City Center
Ryuo Island is 10 minutes' drive from the Mare - Vacation Stay 24956V Kure and features shopping and dining.
FromUS$ 115 /nightSelect

FAQs about hotels in Kure

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you plan your trip

What are the best city center hotels in Kure?

There are 3 hotels and other accommodations in Kure city center to choose from. We recommend Comfort Hotel as the best hotel with laundry, 24-hour front desk assistance, and dry cleaning, set 0.6 miles from the city center. To see more central hotels click here.

What are the most popular hotels in Yoshiura district?

There are more than 4 places to stay in Yoshiura district. One of the best hotels is Comfort Hotel with rating 8.8/10. Offering laundry, 24-hour front desk, and dry cleaning on site, this property is a 30-minute walk from Kure Harbor. Another top accommodation is Minshuku Kamagari at the cost of 45US$ per night, which can offer a picnic area, hiking, and cycling on site. Hankyu Hotel rated 7.6/10 is a hotel located a 10-minute walk from the city center. To see more suitable options go here.

Which budget hotels in Kure are the best?

There are more than 3 top budget properties in Kure. As one of the best cheap Kure options, we recommend Hankyu Hotel with rating 7.6/10 and prices from 54US$ per one night. To check more cheap hotels click here.

What are the finest boutique hotels in Kure?

One of the finest boutique hotels is Comfort Hotel rated 8.8/10 at the cost of 54US$ per night. To see more boutique hotels click here.

Which hotels for couples in Kure are the best to stay at?

According to Booked.net travel data, there are 4 deals for couples. Clayton Bay Hotel rated 7.8/10 is a favorite 4-star hotel for couples, featuring free shuttle bus service, 24-hour front desk assistance, and laundry service. Guests can book a room at this property for about 75US$ per night. Other suitable options for couples you can find here.

What are the best accommodations with easy access to Yamato Museum?

Booked.net offers 4 hotels next to Yamato Museum. Check a good Kure option, such as Comfort Hotel (rating: 8.8/10) for 22US$ per night. This 3-star accommodation offers a location 5 minutes' walk from the landmark, as well as laundry service, 24-hour front desk, and dry cleaning. See more popular accommodations here.

Which Kure hotels are the top to stay at?

For instance, book Comfort Hotel rated 8.8/10 for 54US$ per night. It's set 0.6 miles from Kure City Irifuneyama Memorial Hall and provides laundry service, 24 hour front desk assistance, and dry cleaning. Alternatively, you may like Guest House Kutomare with board games, laundry service, and massage treatments. It costs 22US$ per night.

How much does it cost to rent a hotel in Kure?

According to Booked.net travel data, the average prices for Kure hotels are:
A 3-star hotel room costs 81US$ per night, for instance, check Hankyu Hotel with 24-hour front desk, housekeeping, and restaurant.
A 4-star hotel room costs 75US$ per night. You may book Clayton Bay Hotel with free shuttle bus service, 24-hour front desk, and laundry.

What are the top resorts in Kure?

To stay at the top Kure resort, check 5 properties on Booked.net. Alternatively, check Hankyu Hotel (rating: 7.6/10) for 81US$ per night. It provides 24-hour front desk assistance, housekeeping service, and restaurant.

What are the best hotels next to JMSDF Kure Museum?

On Booked.net you will find 4 great accommodations next to JMSDF Kure Museum in Kure. We recommend Comfort Hotel rated 8.8/10, a perfect hotel set 5 minutes' walk from JMSDF Kure Museum. It costs 54US$ per night and offers a laundry room, 24-hour reception, and dry cleaning. Also, you may check Guest House Kutomare with board games, a laundry room, and massage services for 22US$ per night.

Where to stay in Kure?

Best cheap hotels in Kure

Travelers looking for budget hotels in Kure can opt to stay at Hotel Water Road Kure (Adults Only), which has room rates from 52US$ per night. ホテルexze is an affordable choice that is only a 15-minute walk from Ondonoseto Park and a 5-minute walk from Grillondoohashi restaurant.

Convenience of staying in hotels downtown

If you want to visit the major tourist attractions in Kure, then stay at Kure Hankyu Hotel, a 3-star hotel in the heart of the city. An option near the city center is Guest House Kutomare next to Kameyama Shrine. Visitors who would like to explore Yoshiura district of Kure should book a stay at Cheap Inn Atotetsu.

Select a hotel next to Kameyama Shrine, such as Hotel Tomato, situated just a 10-minute walk away. Nice options near Yamato Wharf include the 3-star Comfort Hotel Kure within close proximity to Uotami Kure Eki-Mae restaurant.

Explore and find your best apartments, B&Bs and others

For those looking to stay in their own self-contained apartments, Guesthouse Kusuhi offers budget accommodation with complimentary private parking and a free parking lot. Minshuku Kamagari is a popular resort that also offers a tennis court, canoeing and hiking, so you and your entire family can relax after a day exploring Kure.

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