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Great57 reviews
197 yd from City Center282 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
Szent Gyorgy-hegy is 10 minutes' drive from the Gabriella, while Elso Magyar Latvanytar is 2.7 miles away.
FromUS$ 117 /nightSelect
Glazer SzallasGuest house
Great29 reviews
299 yd from City Center447 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
The Glazer-Szallo, located steps from Lake Cave Tapolca, is also at a proximity to Piac.
FromUS$ 25 /nightSelect
Great10 reviews
1.7 mi from City Center
The Vendektanya Vendeghaz is set within 1.7 miles of Four seasons and 1.7 miles from Lake Cave Tapolca.
FromUS$ 57 /nightSelect
Very good23 reviews
308 yd from City Center426 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
The Malom-To Vendeghaz is a good starting point to Tapolca's sights including Lake Cave Tapolca, which is a 5-minute walk away.
FromUS$ 148 /nightSelect
Hunguest Hotel PelionHotel
Great117 reviews
352 yd from City Center373 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
Offering fitness classes, massage therapy and entertainment activities, the Hunguest Hotel Pelion is a 10-minute walk from Malom-to as well as 5 minutes by foot from Lake Cave Tapolca.
FromUS$ 188 /nightSelect
Topart ApartmanGuest house
Perfect12 reviews
155 yd from City Center209 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
Bazaltorgonak is approximately 2.4 miles from the 2-star Topart Apartman, while Little Princess statue is in 950 feet away.
FromUS$ 90 /nightSelect
Malomtavi VendeghazGuest house
437 yd from City Center534 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
Featuring 9 rooms with views of the mountain, the Malomtavi Vendeghaz Tapolca is set 15 minutes by car from Castle of Csobanc.
FromUS$ 17 /nightSelect
Malomtavi Vendeghaz TapolcaGuest house
441 yd from City Center543 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
The beachfront Malomtavi Vendeghaz is set less than a 10-minute stroll from Malom-to and 10 minutes' walk from Lake Cave Tapolca.
FromUS$ 72 /nightSelect
Malom Tavi Vendeghaz TapolcaGuest house
489 yd from City Center610 yd from Tapolca Lake Cave
15 minutes by car from Castle of Csobanc, the recently renovated Malom Tavi Vendeghaz boasts a golf course and a garden.
FromUS$ 19 /nightSelect

FAQs about hotels in Tapolca

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you plan your trip

What are the best city center hotels in Tapolca?

Our Booked.net travel data based on 157 visitors' reviews show the top places in Tapolca city center. The best hotel in Tapolca city center is Hunguest Hotel Pelion rated 8.4/10, offering head massage, back massages and foot massage on site. Malom-To Vendeghaz with rating 7.2/10 and Hotel Gabriella rated 8.6/10 are other favorite hotels in the area. To check more central hotels click here.

What are the best budget hotels in Tapolca?

There are more than 4 top budget properties in Tapolca. One of the best budget hotels is Glazer-Szallo rated 8.8/10 at the cost of 25US$ per night, offering board games, complimentary parking and a free private parking lot. Click here to see more budget hotels.

Which hotels for couples in Tapolca are the best to stay at?

According to Booked.net travel data, there are 8 deals for couples. Check Hunguest Hotel Pelion rated 8.4/10 with 24-hour room service, head massage and back massages. It’s set 0.4 miles from Our Lady Church and costs about 170US$ per night. Go here to check more romantic accommodations.

What are the top family-friendly hotels in Tapolca?

According to 116 visitors' reviews, there are 6 family deals to consider. Hunguest Hotel Pelion (rating: 8.4/10): a family-hotel with head massage, back massages and foot massage for 170US$ per night. To check family hotels go here.

What are the most popular Tapolca properties near Piac?

To be near Piac, stay at Topart Apartman (rating: 9.0/10), which is only a 10-minute walk from the attraction and offers a seasonal outdoor pool, shuttle service and hiking. Visitors can enjoy European and Hungarian meals at Dolce cukraszda restaurant nearby. Go here to check more options in this area.

What are the top pet-friendly hotels in Tapolca?

For visitors traveling with pets, there are 4 accommodations to choose from. See more pet-friendly accommodations here.

What are the top hotels in Tapolca?

For instance, book Hunguest Hotel Pelion rated 8.4/10 for 170US$ per night. It's set 0.5 miles from Marton Laszlo Studio Gallery and provides foot massage, water slides and a treatment room. As an alternative, check Glazer-Szallo rated 8.8/10 with board games, complimentary parking and a free private parking lot on site.

Which spa hotels in Tapolca are the top?

You may book Hunguest Hotel Pelion, a nice spa hotel featuring head massage, back massages and foot massage. It costs 170US$ per night.

How much is it to stay a night in Tapolca?

Of course, the prices change in Tapolca depending on the season, but on average:
A 3-star hotel room costs 170US$ per night. For instance, check Hunguest Hotel Pelion (rating: 8.4/10).

What are the most popular resorts in Tapolca?

To stay at the top Tapolca resort, check 4 properties on Booked.net. Alternatively, check Glazer-Szallo (rating: 8.8/10) for 25US$ per night. It provides board games, free parking and free private parking.

Where to stay in Tapolca?

Best cheap hotels in Tapolca

If you're looking for a place to stay on a budget, consider Glazer-Szallo, an affordable apartment at 47US$ per night. Klara Apartman apartment is an affordable choice that will put you within a 10-minute walk of the center.

Convenience of staying in hotels downtown

Visitors planning their first trip to Tapolca should consider staying in the city center at a hotel like Varju Fogado Tapolca, or opt for an apartment such as Szent Gyorgy Apartman Light. In the heart of Tapolca there is Krisztian Vendeghaz, where you'll find a tennis court, windsurfing and horse riding.

Hunguest Hotel Pelion and Hotel Gabriella are popular sites to check out next to Romkert in Tapolca. To stay near Romkert, consider Topart Apartman.

Explore and find your best apartments, B&Bs and others

Travelers looking for good-quality B&B accommodation in Tapolca will be happy with Sport Apartman Tapolca and Biboca Apartman. Malom To Guest House Tapolca is situated a 25-minute walk from Arpad-hazi Szent Margit-temetokapolna and offers a family-friendly vacation apartment with a Jacuzzi, hiking and horse riding.

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