Weather forecast and hotel reservations for a week in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Temperature:
High: +16°Low: +10°

Feels Like:+23°


  • Monday12June
  • Tuesday13June
  • Wednesday14June
  • Thursday15June
    Partly Sunny
  • Friday16June

7-day weather forecast for Kyiv gives the latest weather forecast for 7 days in Kyiv and other places worldwide.

Need the latest weather forecast for today in Kyiv?

Both day and night temperatures will be at about +23ºC and +15ºC.

Wind is expected to be from the northeast at 4.17 km/h for much of the day.

The atmospheric pressure is forecasted to be 1015 hPa with 56% of humidity, and 97% of cloudiness.

We anticipate clement weather with light rain followed by 2.47 mm of precipitation.

So don't forget to get your umbrella.

Interested in the latest weather in Kyiv for tomorrow?

The minimum temperature for June 11: +10ºC and the highest temperature: +16ºC.

Northeast winds at 6.94 km/h. Tomorrow’s average humidity is 56%.

The atmospheric pressure will be 1018 hPa and 100% of cloudiness.

Q: What is interesting when traveling to Kyiv, Ukraine?
A: Kyiv is a city with a rich history and culture. Visitors can explore ancient churches, visit museums, enjoy local cuisine, and experience the lively nightlife scene.

Q: When is the best time to visit Kyiv?
A: The best time to visit Kyiv is from May to September, during the summer season when the weather is warm and sunny.

Q: What events should travelers attend in Kyiv?
A: Some events travelers should attend include the Kyiv Day celebration in May, the Kyiv international jazz festival in June, and the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration in August.

Q: What hotels do you recommend in Kyiv?
A: I would recommend the following hotels in Kyiv:
- Hyatt Regency Kiev: This hotel has a central location and offers luxury amenities.
- 11 Mirrors Design Hotel: This boutique hotel offers a stylish and modern atmosphere.
- Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv: This hotel offers panoramic views of the city and an opulent experience.

Q: What is the high and low season for Kyiv?
A: The high season is from May to September and the low season is from October to April.

Q: What is the temperature during the year in Kyiv?
A: The temperature in Kyiv ranges from -10°C (14°F) in the winter to 30°C (86°F) in the summer.

Q: What is the temperature during the year in Kyiv by month?
- January: average temperature is -5°C (23°F)
- February: average temperature is -4°C (25°F)
- March: average temperature is 2°C (36°F)
- April: average temperature is 11°C (52°F)
- May: average temperature is 18°C (64°F)
- June: average temperature is 22°C (72°F)
- July: average temperature is 24°C (75°F)
- August: average temperature is 23°C (73°F)
- September: average temperature is 18°C (64°F)
- October: average temperature is 11°C (52°F)
- November: average temperature is 3°C (37°F)
- December: average temperature is -2°C (28°F)

Q: What is the number of rainy days in Kyiv?
A: On average, Kyiv experiences 170 rainy days per year.

Q: What is the number of rainy days in Kyiv by month?
- January: 11 rainy days
- February: 9 rainy days
- March: 11 rainy days
- April: 14 rainy days
- May: 16 rainy days
- June: 13 rainy days
- July: 11 rainy days
- August: 10 rainy days
- September: 12 rainy days
- October: 15 rainy days
- November: 14 rainy days
- December: 11 rainy days

Q: What is the number of sunny days in Kyiv?
A: On average, Kyiv experiences 180 sunny days per year.

Q: What is the number of sunny days in Kyiv by month?
- January: 12 sunny days
- February: 13 sunny days
- March: 16 sunny days
- April: 18 sunny days
- May: 22 sunny days
- June: 23 sunny days
- July: 25 sunny days
- August: 24 sunny days
- September: 20 sunny days
- October: 16 sunny days
- November: 10 sunny days
- December: 8 sunny days.

Looking for a place to stay in Kyiv?

We can recommend Opera Hotel in Kyiv (rating: 8.2) for a pleasant stay. More hotels in Kyiv. You can also choose apartments, hostels, bed & breakfasts in Kyiv.

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