Dawsonville, GA (United States): Weather and hotels for a week

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High: +26°Low: +16°

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  • Saturday20April
    Partly Sunny
  • Sunday21April
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7-day weather forecast for Dawsonville

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Need a current weather forecast for today in Dawsonville?

Temperatures will reach a high near +26ºC and will dip through the evening to +16ºC.

During the day, the wind will come from the west at 4.44 km/h.

It's forecasted 38% of humidity, followed by 1016 hPa of atmospheric pressure and 65% of cloudiness.

We anticipate dewy weather with light rain followed by 5.05 mm of precipitation.

So don't forget to get your umbrella.

Interested in a current weather in Dawsonville for tomorrow?

Maximum daytime temperature for April 20: +23ºC and minimum nighttime temperature: +12ºC.

Average humidity 38%. Average winds will be north-northwest at 5.00 km/h.

The atmospheric pressure will be 1018 hPa and 44% of cloudiness.

FAQ for USA travelers visiting Dawsonville
1. What is interesting when you travel to Dawsonville, United States?
Dawsonville is a small but charming city in northern Georgia, known for its beautiful natural scenery, shopping destinations, and historic landmarks. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating at Lake Lanier, shop at the North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall or explore historic downtown Dawsonville and its landmarks like the Old Jail and Bowen Center for the Arts.

2. When is the best time to visit Dawsonville?
The best time to visit Dawsonville is during the spring and fall months, from March to May, and September to November. The weather is mild and pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities and exploring the city's attractions.

3. What events should travelers attend in Dawsonville?
There are several events that travelers can attend in Dawsonville, including the Mountain Moonshine Festival in October, the Georgia Marble Festival in April, and the Dawsonville Music & Beer Festival in August.

4. What hotels do you recommend in Dawsonville and why should travelers choose them?
Some recommended hotels in Dawsonville include the Hampton Inn & Suites Dawsonville, Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Quality Inn & Suites. These hotels offer comfortable accommodations, excellent amenities, and are located near many of the area's top attractions.

5. What is the high and low season for this city?
The high season in Dawsonville is during the summer months, from June to August when the weather is warm and there are many outdoor activities available. The low season is during the winter months, from December to February, when the weather can be cold and there are fewer outdoor activities available.

6. What is the temperature during the year in Dawsonville?
The temperature in Dawsonville varies throughout the year, with average highs ranging from the low 50s in the winter to the mid-80s in the summer.

7. What is the temperature during the year in Dawsonville by month?
January - high 50°F / low 29°F
February - high 55°F / low 31°F
March - high 64°F / low 37°F
April - high 72°F / low 44°F
May - high 79°F / low 53°F
June - high 85°F / low 62°F
July - high 88°F / low 66°F
August - high 87°F / low 65°F
September - high 81°F / low 58°F
October - high 72°F / low 45°F
November - high 62°F / low 36°F
December - high 54°F / low 30°F

8. What is the number of rainy days in Dawsonville?
The average number of rainy days in Dawsonville is around 103 days per year.

9. What is the number of rainy days in Dawsonville by month?
January - 11 days
February - 10 days
March - 12 days
April - 11 days
May - 10 days
June - 11 days
July - 13 days
August - 12 days
September - 8 days
October - 8 days
November - 9 days
December - 9 days

10. What is the number of sunny days in Dawsonville?
The average number of sunny days in Dawsonville is around 213 days per year.

11. What is the number of sunny days in Dawsonville by month?
January - 5 days
February - 5 days
March - 7 days
April - 8 days
May - 9 days
June - 9 days
July - 9 days
August - 9 days
September - 9 days
October - 8 days
November - 7 days
December - 5 days.

Looking for a place to stay in Dawsonville?

Our recommendation is Amicalola Falls State Park And Lodge with rating 8.8 in Dawsonville. More hotels in Dawsonville. You are free to choose cabins or resorts.

Dawsonville, GA
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