Avalon, CA (United States): Weather forecast and hotel reservation for the next 7 days

  • Temperature:
High: +13°Low: +11°

Feels Like:+13°


  • Friday31March
    Partly Sunny
  • Saturday01April
  • Sunday02April
  • Monday03April
    Partly Sunny
  • Tuesday04April
  • Wednesday05April
    Mostly Cloudy

7-day weather forecast for Avalon

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Interested in the weather in Avalon for today?

Temperatures will reach a high near +13ºC and will dip through the evening to +10ºC.

During the day, the wind will come from the west at 9.44 km/h.

It's forecasted 72% of humidity, followed by 1015 hPa of atmospheric pressure and 21% of cloudiness.

We anticipate wet weather with light rain followed by 2.99 mm of precipitation.

So don’t leave home without your umbrella.

What is a short weather forecast for tomorrow in Avalon?

Maximum temperature tomorrow near +13ºC and minimum temperature near +12ºC.

It’s forecasted 72% of humidity, followed with northwest winds.

Cloud coverage will be 97% and the atmospheric pressure will be near 1022 hPa.

FAQ for USA travelers for Avalon in United States

What is interesting when you travel to the city?

Avalon is a beautiful coastal city located on the island of Santa Catalina, California, USA. It is famous for its clear blue water, pristine beaches, and amazing wildlife. When you visit Avalon, you can experience:

1. Diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Avalon Bay and see the rich marine life.
2. Take a tour on the glass bottom boat to explore the thriving underwater ecosystem and get up close with dolphins, sea lions, and other marine animals.
3. Hiking in the scenic mountains, and enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean.
4. Visit the Catalina Island Museum to learn about the history of the island.
5. Golfing in the beautiful and challenging golf courses on the island.
6. Eating at one of the many restaurants that serve delicious local seafood.

When is the best time to visit the city, and what events should travelers attend?

The best time to visit Avalon is during the spring and summer months (from April to September). The weather is pleasant, ideal for outdoor activities, and there are plenty of events and festivals held during this time. Some of the popular events you can attend include:

1. Catalina Wine Mixer in May.
2. Island Adventure Festival in June.
3. Avalon Summer Concert Series in July and August.
4. Catalina Festival of Art in September.

What hotels do you recommend, and why should travelers choose these hotels?

Here are some hotels that we recommend:

1. Hotel Mac Rae - This hotel is conveniently located near the beach and has a beautiful rooftop terrace that provides breathtaking views of the harbor. It is also close to many restaurants, shops, and attractions.

2. Aurora Hotel - This is a boutique hotel that offers high-end amenities and a peaceful atmosphere. The rooms are spacious, and the hotel has a beautiful courtyard that allows you to relax and unwind.

3. The Avalon Hotel - This hotel is a historic landmark that has been recently renovated. It offers a luxurious experience, and the rooms are elegantly designed, making it perfect for couples.

The hotels mentioned above provide excellent service, have great locations, and suit different budgets and preferences.

What is the high and low season for this city?

The high season in Avalon is from June to September, and the low season is from October to May. During the high season, the island experiences a surge of visitors compared to the low season, making it busier.

What temperature during the year in Avalon?

The temperature in Avalon ranges from a low of 48°F in January to a high of 77°F in August.

What temperature during the year in Avalon by month?

January: 48°F
February: 50°F
March: 53°F
April: 55°F
May: 60°F
June: 66°F
July: 71°F
August: 77°F
September: 73°F
October: 64°F
November: 56°F
December: 50°F

What number of rainy days in Avalon?

The average number of rainy days in Avalon is 21 per year.

What number of rainy days in Avalon by month?

January: 6 days
February: 5 days
March: 6 days
April: 2 days
May: 2 days
June: 1 day
July: 0 days
August: 0 days
September: 1 day
October: 2 days
November: 4 days
December: 2 days

What number of sunny days in Avalon?

The average number of sunny days in Avalon is 266 days per year.

What number of sunny days in Avalon by month?

January: 20 days
February: 20 days
March: 22 days
April: 24 days
May: 24 days
June: 27 days
July: 29 days
August: 29 days
September: 26 days
October: 24 days
November: 21 days
December: 20 days

As a travel adviser, we hope that this information will help you plan your trip to Avalon, California, USA, and make your experience unforgettable.

Looking for a place to stay in Avalon?

Our recommendation is Catalina Island Inn with rating 7.8 in Avalon. You are free to choose more hotels or motels in Avalon.

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