Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison

702 South Randall Avenue

Henry Vilas Zoo

Henry Vilas Zoo is a splendid location for tourists. It is a public zoo that covers a 28-acre area in Madison, Wisconsin, and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Established in 1904, the zoo is named after Henry Vilas, a former Wisconsin senator, and philanthropist. It is known for its conservation efforts and promoting environmental education.

The zoo is home to over 700 animals, including elephants, tigers, and giraffes. It offers visitors a chance to observe and learn about various animal species up close. The zoo also features a children's zoo, which allows kids to interact with domestic animals like goats, sheep, and chickens. There are also multiple exhibits that highlight the importance of conservation and educate visitors about endangered species. With free admission, the zoo is a great family-friendly destination that appeals to all ages.

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