SageNet Center in Tulsa

SageNet Center

SageNet Center is a versatile multipurpose arena located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Built in 1932, this 10.5-acre facility is an integral part of the city's history, imparting a blend of nostalgic charm and cutting-edge facility offerings. As the largest clear-span building in the area, it is home to various events, making it an excellent location for tourists to experience local culture, entertainment, and trade shows.

Visiting SageNet Center means visitors get to witness a wide range of events such as state fairs, equestrian competitions, concerts, and exhibitions. With a seating capacity of approximately 6,311 guests, the center has hosted legendary names such as Elvis Presley, who performed there in 1956. Attendees can choose to complement their experience at the center with other nearby attractions, including the Tulsa County Fairgrounds, Golden Driller statue, and the classic Art Deco architecture that Tulsa is famous for.

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