Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

1800 Orleans St (btwn Wolfe and Broadway)

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital is a renowned medical institution located in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1889, it is consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the United States and internationally. As a tourist destination, Johns Hopkins Hospital offers visitors the opportunity to explore the rich history and medical advancements associated with this prestigious institution.

Historically, Johns Hopkins Hospital has played a significant role in medical breakthroughs and innovations. It was the first hospital in the United States to combine medical research, education, and patient care under one roof. The hospital has been at the forefront of medical advancements in areas such as cancer research, neurology, cardiology, and transplantation.

Visitors can learn about the hospital's history, its contributions to medical science, and the impact it has had on patient care. Furthermore, the hospital is located in the vibrant city of Baltimore, which offers a range of attractions and activities for tourists. From historic sites and cultural landmarks to museums, parks, and delicious cuisine, Baltimore provides a diverse and exciting experience. Johns Hopkins Hospital's central location makes it easily accessible and an interesting stop for those interested in medical history and advancements.

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