CNN Center in Atlanta

CNN Center

CNN Center, located in downtown Atlanta, is a hub of media and news production that has been operational for over three decades. The center offers guided tours to tourists and visitors, which provide an interactive behind-the-scenes experience of the world of broadcast news. Home to the global headquarters of CNN, the center boasts an impressive collection of historic artifacts and exhibits that showcase major events in modern history. Visitors can view the set of a daily news show, learn about news production, and even try their hand at delivering headlines themselves. The impressive architecture of the building is also worth admiring, as it towers above other downtown Atlanta landmarks. Aside from tours, the center also houses a variety of shops and restaurants, making it a one-stop destination for all things media and entertainment. For sports fans, CNN Center is also adjacent to State Farm Arena, home of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, making it a convenient stop for those attending a game or event.

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