Stanislaus Amphitheatre at CSU in Turlock

Stanislaus Amphitheater at CSU

Stanislaus Amphitheatre at CSU, also known as the Stanislaus State Amphitheatre, is a remarkable outdoor events venue located within the California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, California. Established in 1960, this picturesque setting showcases a wide array of cultural, academic, and social events - from live performances, concerts, and plays to engaging lectures, graduations, and conferences. The amphitheatre, owing to its capacity to accommodate up to 2000 people, serves as an important space for both the university community and the people of Turlock to gather and enjoy high-quality entertainment.

Visiting the Stanislaus Amphitheatre at CSU provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to witness the rich and diverse cultural landscape of Turlock. Surrounded by the beautiful and lush greenery of the campus, this location provides an unparalleled experience of merging nature with the arts. Additionally, the amphitheater is located close to the city's downtown area, which boasts numerous shops, restaurants, and museums, allowing visitors to further explore the distinctive charm of Turlock.

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