Emmanuel College in Cambridge (Cambridgeshire)

St. Andrews Street

Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College, established in 1584 by Sir Walter Mildmay, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Queen Elizabeth I, is a prestigious college of the University of Cambridge. The college has a rich history and boasts impressive architecture. It was originally founded as a training college for Protestant ministers, but today, it is a thriving academic institution known for producing notable alumni such as John Harvard, founder of Harvard University, and Thomas Young, a polymath who made significant contributions to the fields of vision, light, and linguistics.

Visiting Emmanuel College provides tourists with an opportunity to explore its beautiful and tranquil grounds. The college is known for its picturesque gardens and landscape, featuring a stunning Oriental Plane tree, believed to be one of the oldest in England. One of the most popular attractions within the college is its large duck pond, home to many waterfowl, which was once a swimming pool for students and is now fondly known as the 'Emma pool.' Additionally, the college's chapel, designed by the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren, is a must-see for its intricate stained-glass windows and exquisite stonework.

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