Bosnia Could Sign EU Deal In April 29.02.2008

Bosnia-Herzegovina could sign the SAA with the European Union in April, the EU's Enlargement Commissioner said.

“I am confident that in April we should be able to sign the Stabilization and Association Agreement,” said Olli Rehn on Thursday as he met members of Bosnia's tripartite presidency and the prime minister.

SAA is widely seen as the first step towards European Union membership.

SERBIA: Day Two of Del Ponte’s Visit Submitted by Webmaster on 3 October, 2006 - 20:37. Politics | Serbia BHague Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte will continue meeting with senior Serbian officials in Belgrade today.

Del Ponte met with Hague Cooperation Action Plan Coordinator Vladimir Vukčević yesterday, along with Serbian President Boris Tadić and Deputy Prime Minister Ivana Dulić-Marković.

During the first day of her visit, Del Ponte had a very long discussion with Vukčević and chief officials of the information services. According to B92’s sources, the meetings were attended by Security Information Agency Director Rade Bulatović and Military Security Agency Chief Svetko Kovač.

ROMANIA: Transport Ministry Cannot Fund the Works for Transylvania Motorway in 2008 29.02.2008 Business | Romania The works at Transylvania motorway could be stopped because the Transport Ministry does not have money for them this year, after making the advance payment of over EUR 140 mln, declared yesterday the general manager of the National Motorway Company from Romania (CNADNR), Mihai Grecu, at a press conference, informs Rompres. “We do not have funds for this year. The available amount, of over EUR 140 mln, has already been paid, but it represents the advance payment of 30 per cent of the value of the works. We do not have other funds at this moment,” stressed Mihai Grecu. The same said that Bechtel, who builds Transylvania motorway, could choose to stop the works, but he said that hopefully the US company will understand them. “Hopefully Bechtel representatives will understand us and they will not stop the works,” stressed CNADNR manager. He said that CNADNR has to pay to Bechtel some amounts overdue since December last year, but hopes that the sum will be finally paid to the US constructor. Although there are no funds for the construction of Transylvania motorway this year, CNADNR general manager hopes that Transylvania motorway will be finished in 2012. “The funds for the works to be made this year should come from the budget, and we hope to have a budgetary rectification in March. There is also a solution, to redirect money from other projects that should have been started this year,” said CNADNR general manager.

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