Cheap hostels in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the second biggest and so far the most westernized city in Russia. Founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703 it has claimed its place among the most cultural cities worldwide. It’s impossible to overestimate the beauty of its architecture and the amount of priceless works of art gathered on its premises. For example, the Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments are deemed to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Hermitage is rightly considered as one of the largest art museums in the world.

Thousands of tourists and art lovers are tempted to visit St. Petersburg to take a stroll through straight boulevards, gardens and parks, enjoy the sight of remarkable monuments and decorative wrought-iron fences, and of course, witness the natural phenomenon known as the “white nights”

And while thinking about visiting Saint Petersburg and seeing you taking a picture against one the eight drawbridges connecting the Neva River, you should take care about your accommodation in advance. If you don’t count on spending a fortune and hope to find something cheap, the online hotel reservation service offers you friendly hostels at the lowest prices to fit your budget.

St. Petersburg hostels:

Graffiti L Hostel

Central Street Hostel

Final Destination Hostel

Acme Hostel

Graffiti Hostel

Artway Hostel Malaya Sadovaya

Baby Lemonade Hostel

Dialog Spb Hostel

Acme Hostel

Hostel "Russkaya Troyka"

Budget hotels in St. Petersburg:

Na Sapernom Hotel Saint Petersburg

Babushka House

Samsonov Hotel On Ligovsky 65

Mini-Hotel Pio On Griboedova

Rinaldi Near Letniy Garden

Grand Hotel Ladozhsky

Vintage Hotel Saint Petersburg

Amsterdam Hotel Saint Petersburg


Accent Hotel Saint Petersburg

Petro Sport Hotel Saint Petersburg

Rinaldi Premier Hotel Saint Petersburg

Palantin Hotel Saint Petersburg

Like Home Hotel Saint Petersburg

Club Marinn Hotel

Good value hotels in St. Petersburg:

Mini-Hotel Na Konushennoy

M-Hotel Saint Petersburg

Ra Kuznechny 19

Pio At Griboedova

Alexanderplatz Hotel Saint Petersburg

Galerea Hotel Saint Petersburg

Shelfort Hotel Saint Petersburg

Red Stars Hotel

Dynasty Hotel Saint Petersburg

Nevsky Breeze Hotel

Pushka Inn Hotel Saint Petersburg

Nevsky Sky Hotel Saint Petersburg

Dom Vyazemskoy

Hotel Grifon

Art-Hotel Mokhovaya Saint Petersburg