Bodrum, ancient Halicarnasus which is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey was the birth place of famous historian Herodotus. The town witnessed the ruling of some very powerfull women such as Artemisia the Elder who was an admiral and adviser of Xerkes; Artemisia II, Mausolos wife who completed the monımental tomb of king Mausollos and defeated the Rhodians in a single day and quenne Ada who established frienly relation with Alexander the Great and became the ruler of Caria after her exile. Bodrum had its Golden Age during the rule of King Mausolos who started building Mausoleum which became one of the Seven Wonders of the world.

The town offers not only one of the most famous Underwater Archaeology Museums of the world, but also a splendid Castle of Crusaders , built by the Knights of Saint John, with 250 Coat of Arms; the ruins of ancient Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World; remains of a marvelous ancient theatre ,going back to the time of King Mausolos and well preserved city walls and especially Myndos Gate, mentioned during the campaign of Alexander the Great. Staying in Bodrum, visitors also have possibilities to reach sites on Bodrum Peninsula and nearby ancient sites such as Ephesus, Miletus, Priene, Heraclia, Iassos also have a daily boat tours around Bodrum and world famous 'Blue Voyage' to discover the most beautiful coastline in the south western coast of Turkey.

Bodrum, which is very popular summer resort of Turkey, offers also unrivalled nightlife and great choice for restaurants. Guide Bodrum gives you excellent information on night clubs, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and market days in Bodrum. Guide Bodrum is a good starting point to discover the marvels of ancient Halicarnassus, which was home for one of the seven wonders of the world; the fascinating museum of Underwater Archeology with its amazing display of ancient shipwrecks such as Yassiada Wreck, Glass Wreck, Uluburun and Bronze Age Wrecks and Carian Princess Ada Room and Glass Exhibit Hall. Guide Bodrum gives information on Bodrum today, one of the most enjoyable summer resorts of Turkey.

Bodrum Peninsula

No other area on the Turkish Aegean coast provides the visitor with the opportunity to experience traditional Turkish life only a few minutes away from a modern tourist centre.

Ortakent Village and Yahsi Beach

In the centre of Bodrum Peninsula, along the main highway there is this considerably large village of Ortakent which is famous for the attractive 17th century 'tower houses' unique to the area. Kargı Beach: Kargı Beach is certainly one of the best beaches in Bodrum Peninsula with its white sand and palm trees and camels for a ride.


Situated 18km from Bodrum, Yalikavak's history goes parallel with that of Bodrum. Today, most of the archaeological remains are either unexcavated sites or unattractive ruins. It is suggested that the ancient city of Yalıkavak was situated on top of one of the hills. Few tombstones and city walls still bear witness to history of the town.

Gümbet Located at 2-3 km distance from Bodrum, Since the swimming possibilities are very limited in Bodrum, many people prefer nearby Gumbet. Gumbet recently became very popular resort. The town is named after numerous white-domed cisterns in the area. Bitez: Bitez is located at 7 km west of Bodrum, in the bay next to Gumbet. Since the winds here are particularly favorable for windsurfing, Bitez is considered as one of the best places for wind surfing and this feature attracted several water sports operators to the Bitez Beach. Gündoğan: Gündoğan is situated at only a few minutes drive in the west of Yalikavak. It is quite and peaceful place which is still more or less unspoiled despite the holiday developments on the surrounding hills. Since the north of the Bodrum peninsula has often a fresh breeze, Many surfers prefer Gundogan Area.Gümüşlük: The classical site of Myndus is situated at Gumusluk.On the other hand, this was not the site of Lelegian city. Myndus was one of the eight major cities on the peninsula, established It is suggested that old Myndus was located in the south east of present site of Gumusluk on the hill now called Bozdag. Akyarlar: Akyarlar offers good camping sites and is an ideal place for wind surfing. It has marvelous scenery of the Greek islands and it has safe and sandy beaches for children.

Gültürkbükü These two fishing villages are mention in one name, because they are so close to each other. ıt is located on the peninsula map east of Yalikavak. These delightful spots are the favorite retreats of many well-known Turkish artists, actors and entertainers who appear at many small bars and restaurants at night. Torba : Torba, one of the nearest villages in the north of Bodrum, is located in a charming little bay. There are also the remains of a Byzantine monastery, and nearby is a small path leading to the next bay, which is ideal for a walk. Torba is only active during the summer months, but due to the high quality of the summer homes is a pleasant place to visit. Karabağ: 15 minutes from Turgut Reis situated the tiny village of Karabağ, believed to be the site of the first settlement in the area. The word "bag" means either "vineyards" or "ties", and there are two very different theories as to the origins of the name. One theory has it that the local grapes were of particularly high quality. Mumcular: Mumcular former Karaova, famous for tabacco, honey and olive production is located 29 km in the north of Bodrum. Mumcular which has been municipality since 1972 is also famous for carpet production. In the recent years, people in this area decided to put more focus on carpet production.

Archaeological Sites near Bodrum

During your stay in Bodrum, You can reach to most famous ancient cities of ancient Caria and Ionia districts. Most of the ancient cities we mention in our web Site can be visited daily tour bases. Only for Pamukkale, it is recommended to spend a night there. Milas: Mylasa, which was the former capital of Caria, houses monuments bearing witness to great past of the town. Strabo mentioned Mylasa one of the three noteworthy cities in the region. It has a lovely local archeological museum, well preserved tomb of Gümüşkesen, famous Baltalı Gate and great number of Ottoman monuments. Iassos: Due to its privileged location, its marble and fishing, Iassos had been inhabited since the earliest days of the history. The city was founded by the colonist coming from Argos nearly 9th BC and then inhabited by the immigrants from Miletus. However, Italian archaeologists under the directorate of Doro Levi have found Minoan houses and Mycenaean pottery which indicates that the site had been inhabited at much earlier date. Euromos: Located in the north of Bodrum, the ancient city of is Euromos worth visiting because of her temple. The city got its name 4th century BC when Caria became under the Greek rule. It is suggested that the name Euromos was also used for the district. The Temple of Zeus, which was partially searched and excavated, revealed some interesting results indicating the existence of an earlier shrine there. Heraclia: Situated at the head of Latmian Gulf, Heraclia was called Latmus at the beginning taking its name from the impressive mountain reaching the height of 1300 meters above the sea level. Hearclia, which was located at the head of the gulf never, became an important city it was far from the popular trade road running form Ephesus to Miletus. Priene : Located in the south of Ephesus, The city of Priene offers the marvellous features of a 4th century Greek city. Priene was designed by famous town planner, Hippodamos of Miletus who designed the city in chess board plan with the strait streets cutting each other at the right angles. Miletus : Miletus, the queens of the Ionian cities, was first founded 3000 years BC. According to the a legend, sacred fish of Apollo dolphin guided Ionians towards present day Miletos. Didyma : This impressive Ionic temple was one of the greatest oracle temples of the ancient world. During the archaeological research done, German archaeologist discovered the remains of an earlier temple, dating back to 8 century BC. Ephesus: Located in the south of Izmir, Ephesus was the capital city of Roman province of Asia. It was the largest harbor on the Aegean Sea and city with great population reaching nearly 250.000 people in the Roman times. In the days of the Apostle John, Ephesus was the metropolis of Ionia, and it was known as "The light of Asia", Hieropolis Pamukkale: Hieropolis was founded by one of the Pergamon Kings in the memory of his mother or wife. The city became so popular because of hot springs and thermal water. Many baths were built in the city. According to a strong tradition, Apostle Philip visited the city . Labranda: The city is situated on the slopes of impressive hill. Labranda was the site of the most sacred shrines of Caria. The shrine was dedicated to Zeus Straticus, whose festival was celebrated here by whole Carian population. A sacred road of which we see the remains of connected Labranda to Mylasa.

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