There are two ways of applying for membership in the ASDA. The first way is
to e-mail us and request a Membership Application Kit. The second way is to
first read through all of the ASDA Materials listed below and then print out the
membership application. Fill out the form completely, and then either fax or
mail it to: ASDA, 3 School Street, Suite 205, Glen Cove, NY, 11542-2548. Our fax
number is 516-759-7014.

A look at ASDA... The American Stamp Dealers Association are the professionals serving philately since 1914. We are dedicated to promoting integrity, honesty and reliability, and we are the hobby builders of philately. ASDA Members represent all segments of the philatelic marketplace both retail and wholesale. Our membership is international in scope with members coming from Europe, Asia, South America, the Pacific Rim Nations and the Middle East as well. Our members include the most respected firms and individuals in the industry.

The Association promotes stamp collecting, keeps dealers informed about in and out-of-industry regulations and happenings, opposes laws which would adversely affect the industry and its Members' livelihood, and acts as a liaison between member Associations affiliated with other recognized philatelic bodies. ASDA studies local and national legislation that relates to the field and publishes them with commentary. In many instances, the Association has been successful in securing the reversal of rulings which were detrimental to the stamp business.

In short, the aims of ASDA are your aims: to publicize the professionalism and dependability of ASDA members; to promote the stamp industry and your share in it.

Membership in ASDA will enhance your reputation and increase your business.

Joseph B. Savarese
Executive Vice President
A member shall be required to subscribe to the following pledge upon joining American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc.

"As a member of the American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc., I recognize my obligation to the public pledge:

1. To buy and sell at prices commensurate with a reasonable return on my investments and at prevailing market conditions.

2. To give advice to my clientele in philatelic matters to the best of my ability.

3. To refrain from dealing in stolen philatelic and counterfeit material, and to furnish buyers of repaired, regummed, reperforated, restored reprinted or otherwise altered philatelic material with a complete written statement showing in detail the nature of the changes and alterations in such material.

4. To purchase philatelic material from the public at reasonable prices, with due allowances for my risk and prevailing market conditions; to be truthful in my advertising; to refrain from denigrating my competitors; and to make no false claim to a policy or practice of generally underselling competitors."


Elizabeth Pope

Joseph B. Savarese

Dr. Ray Ameen

Edward Hines

Arthur Morowitz

D. Robert Autrey

Michael Aldrich

Eric Jackson

Gary Lyons

Schuyler Rumsey

Joseph B. Savarese

Christopher M. Houlihan

Auction Committee
Elections Committee
Ethics Committee 
Finance Committee
Legal Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee

Long Island, NY
New England

Membership in the ASDA is a privilege extended to those persons and organizations deemed worthy, and is not a right. Membership may be continued unless the Board of Directors determines that the conduct of a member has been such, that in the best interests of the ASDA, the member should be suspended or his or her membership terminated.

As a guide to all members this Code of Conduct has been duly adopted by the Board of Directors under the authority vested in it by the constitution and by-laws of the ASDA.

1. I will support and be subject to the constitution and by-laws of the ASDA and such amendments, resolutions and policies as may be established.

2. I will abide by all federal, state and local laws related to philatelic matters.

3. I will conduct myself so as to bring no discredit to the ASDA, or to diminish the prestige of the membership therein.

4. I will neither buy nor sell philatelic items of which the ownership is in doubt and will promptly report to the proper law enforcement agencies information on suspected stolen material.

5. I will correct promptly any error I may make in any transaction.

6. I will assist in the prosecution of violations of law pertaining to philatelic matters, of which I have knowledge, and will report promptly to the proper law enforcement agencies any violations.

7. I will properly, carefully and honestly grade and describe all merchandise offered for sale by me and indicate any faults, defects, restorations or alterations that may exist, to include indication of canceled to order material.

8. I will immediately refund on any item sold by me where the description was either inaccurate or misleading if the return is made within a reasonable period of time.

9. I will publish and make available my terms of sale so that all clients have an opportunity to become familiar with them.

10. I will hold intact, pending written acceptance from the seller all
merchandise sent to me for offer, and should the offer by unacceptable promptly and carefully to return it to its proper owner.

11. I will honor any buying prices that I have published within a reasonable period after their publication. Price lists will include a statement as to expiration of offer or give an actual expiration date and explain any limitations.

12. I will make prompt cash refund on all "out of stock" or returned

13. I will advertise for sale only those items that are available to me at the time the advertisements are placed.

14. I will provide all consignors or merchandise with a contract stating my legal commitments.

15. I will pay for all material I purchase according to the terms of sale at the time of purchase.

16. I will not sell, produce, nor advertise counterfeit material in any form in violation of law.

17. I will never substitute or alter material submitted to me without the consent of the owner.

18. I will abide by the "terms of sale" and will publish Prices Realized within a reasonable time after a public auction.

19. I will conduct myself according to accepted standards of morality and courtesy in all philatelic activities not specifically cited in this code.

20. Insofar as possible I will use the ASDA logo in my advertising.

21. If I should be found guilty of unethical or unlawful conduct, the record thereof may be disclosed to other philatelic societies of which I am a member.

22. I will submit any dispute, controversy or claim concerning philatelic transactions in which I may become involved to arbitrators mutually agreed upon by the parties. The decision and award of the arbitrators will be binding on all parties and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

Approved and adopted by the ASDA Board of Directors 1992.
This annual publication provides individual and company names of all ASDA members' names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. Listings are categorized by region, specialty and business names for ease of use. Each listing includes a brief description of the type of business or service the member provides.

Our monthly, members only publication provides information on the trade, credit risks and theft alerts. Each issue contains a summary of Association activities, show and auction schedules and timely reports on issues affecting our trade. A special Dealer-to-Dealer section of buy/sell listings enables members to place classified ads at low costs.

Members with websites have the opportunity to place colorful banner ads promoting their businesses on For full information on this economical method of advertising, e-mail us at the ASDA office.

No longer will you have to endure costly fees associated with accepting MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Through this unique program, all of your charge card deposits flow directly into your accounts, hassle free, without an exorbitant monthly fee.

Designed to promote the services and business of the Membership. Contains complete ASDA Membership listings searchable by Location, Specialty and Internet presence. Includes links to Members' sites and free Member-Member and Member-Collector advertising.

International Consultants Alliance, LLC
Endorsed by the American Stamp Dealers
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Members have quick and easy access to coverage at highly attractive rates.

Advising Members of a dealers loss and publishing a description of the material(s). Notices are sent to all Members by email, usually the same day the Association is notified and they are published in the monthly Newsletter.

As a member, you have access to confidential information on dealers and collectors. Don't jeopardize your sales and bargaining power without first checking the credit of prospective customers. ASDA has a low cost service available to you. 

ASDA has in place a very aggressive campaign promoting its members to the collecting community on a weekly basis with advertising in every major trade publication.

Gain access to low cost, comprehensive medical, extended health care and vision care insurance protection for you, your employees and your family.

Many members extend a courtesy discount from 5% to 50% to fellow ASDA members.