World University Speed Skating Championship 2014 The 2nd World University Speed Skating Championship is going to take place on the legendary 'Medeu' ice rink, a venue which is considered to be the highest ice rink in the world. It is located at an altidute of 1691,2 meters


1-8/02/2015 – Almaty will host FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championship (JWSC) and U23 World Ski Championship Cross Country on Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex.

VI International Medexpert Curling Cup 2014 From 28/07/2014 – 3/08/2014employees of the ‘Executive Directorate of Almaty Winter Universiade 2017’ State Fund took part in organization and hosting of the 6th International Medexpert Curling Cup in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region (Russia). 13 countries took part in the competition, Kazakhstani team took the 3rd place.

28-07-2014 World Population Day Bike Ride in Almaty On July 13, 2014 another bike ride was held in Almaty, this time to celebrate the World Population Day.

World Population Day was marked in a special calendar of the United Nations in 1989 and is intended to draw public attention to the urgency and importance of resolving demographic challenges.

In 2014, this day was celebrated under the theme 'Investing in young people'.

The event started at 08.30 am. The bike ride was attended by 500 people. The event was attended by...

Community Work Day in ‘Baganashyl’ Orphanage On July 13 the Executive directorate of Almaty Universiade 2017 held another charity project in the Orphanage №1 ‘Baganashyl’ with the participation of the ‘I – volunteer’ movement.

The purpose of this project was to assist the childcare center in improving local infrastructure. The territory of the orphanage was cleaned with the assistance of the Executive directorate of Almaty Universiade 2017 and volunteers. Trees and benches were painted and new plants were planted. At the end of...

The city of Almaty has made it to the final round of...

July 7, 2014 at the International Olympic Committee headquarters (Lausanne, Switzerland) an important announcement has been made – Almaty, Beijing and Oslo have made it to the next level of application campaign to host XXIV Winter Olympics in 2022.

As part of the ceremony at the Executive Board meeting of the IOC delegation attended Almaty headed by Deputy Akim AlmatyZ.Zh. Amanzholova. Ms. Zauresh Amanzholova, the Deputy Mayor of Almaty has attended the ceremony of the Executive...

The Denis & Friends show On 29 – 30 June 2014 an amazing ice-skating show, the Olympic Energy was held in the Baluan Sholak Sports Arena.

Denis Ten, Sochi Olympics awardee invited the best world ice skaters.

According to the many spectators of the show it was an unforgettable experience

The Denis & Friends show donated the tickets revenue to the development of Kazakhstani figure skating, which is important to the upcoming Universiade 2017 and Almaty Olympics 2022 bidding campaign.

Benefits of working out in the evening If you are not a professional athlete and you exercise in order to maintain a good physical shape, you probably already wondered about the right time to workout. A working person has the opportunity to train in the evening only. Read along to find out how useful or harmful evening workouts can be.

Despite the fact that morning exercise are key to good health, it is best not to have intensive training in the morning. For the most, low-level morning workouts are enough to stay in...

14-07-2014 Kick boxing is the western name for Muay Thai Kick boxing is the western name for Muay Thai, which is a traditional sport in Thailand. It originated from having, like the 16th, 17th century, the warriors. Once they were disarmed, on the ground, in battle, they performed the movements, the kicking, the punching, the kneeing, in order to defend themselves. Today Muay Thai is one of the biggest growing sports alongside MMA, it's one of the backbones of MMA because well all the fights start in the standup position which is ninety percent...

The Most Dangerous Sports Records in the World Crushing of bricks with bare hands was once an art, which was practiced by Asian martial arts fighters. Today, the extreme activity has turned into a sport discipline. There is an association that records the achievements of that kind. Just when you thought that crushing bricks with bare hands is enough extreme, in order to achieve best results one should be able to crush bricks as fast as one can. One of the fastest athletes in this area is Kevin Taylor, an American athlete. He manages to...

Facts about the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil FIFA World Cup (FIFA) 2014 will be hosted at 12 Brazilian cities. In total, 64 matches will be played, and the best teams will compete in the final match on July 13.

Brazil's national team is a five-time champion of World Cup in the previous nineteen championships of the world.

2014 World Cup matches will be held at 12 stadiums, each can hold more than 40 thousand people. Final match of the FIFA World Cup Brazil will be hosted at the largest Brazilian stadium, the legendary...

Playing Chess Ancient Indian game " Chaturanga " was very popular in the VI century . «Chaturanga» literally means " four divisions of troops ", which were the playing figures: chariots , infantry , elephants, cavalry.

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