Weather and hotel reservations in Alcala de Henares, Spain

  • Temperature:
High: +13°Low: +5°
Partly Sunny

Feels Like:+13°


  • Monday19February
    High: +12°
    Low: +1°
  • Tuesday20February
    High: +12°
    Low: 0°
  • Wednesday21February
    Mostly Cloudy
    High: +9°
    Low: -1°
  • Thursday22February
    High: +3°
    Low: -4°
  • Friday23February
    High: +6°
    Low: -5°
  • Saturday24February
    High: +8°
    Low: +5°

Looking for the weather in Alcala de Henares for the next 7 days in advance? gives an up-to-date weather forecast for the next 7 days in Alcala de Henares and other places in the world.

Both day and night temperatures will be at about +13 and +5.

Winds will persist through the day from the northeast at 4.44.

It's forecasted 72% of humidity, followed by 961 of atmospheric pressure and 32% of cloudiness.

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