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Nazareth Plaza Hotel  5 stars

2 Hermon Street, Nazareth, Israel, 17502

Nazareth Very good USD 156

Scots Hotel Tiberias  5 stars

1St Gdud Barak Rd., Tiberias, Israel, 14100

Tiberias Superb USD 454

Leonardo Plaza Hotel Tiberias  5 stars

1 Habanim Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14103

Tiberias Fabulous USD 301

Ramot Resort Hotel  5 stars

Moshav Ramot, 12948, Tiberias, Tiberias, Israel Tiberias, Tiberias, Israel 12948 Tiberias, Tiberias, Israel, Ramot, Israel

Ramot Fabulous USD 370

Canaan Spa Hotel Safed  5 stars

Mount Of Canaan P.O.Box-2109, Safed, Israel, 13233

Safed Very good USD 258

Europa 1917 Hotel Tiberias  5 stars

Hapalmach St. 3, Tiberias, Israel, 14245

Tiberias USD 270

The Efendi Hotel Acre  5 stars

Louis IX St., Acre, Israel, 24122

Acre Superb USD 433

Bayit Bagalil Hotel Rosh Pinna  5 stars

Po Box 33, Rosh Pinna, Israel, 10300

Rosh Pinna USD 270

Golden Crown Hotel Nazareth  4 stars

2015 St. Pob 50252, Nazareth, Israel, 16000

Nazareth Very good USD 179

Prima Galil Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

1 El Hadif Street, Tiberias, Israel, 1410502

Tiberias Very good USD 388

Lavi Kibbutz Hotel Tiberias-Lavi  4 stars

Kibbutz Lavi, Tiberias-Lavi, Israel, 15267

Tiberias-Lavi Superb USD 328

Rimonim Nazareth Hotel  4 stars

Paulus VI Road, Nazareth, Israel, 16000

Nazareth Very good USD 105

Palm Beach Hotel Acre  4 stars

Po Box 2192 - Acre 24101, Acre, Israel


Gardenia Hotel Nazareth  4 stars

Old Afula Nazareth Road, Nazareth, Israel, 1600

Nazareth Good

Acco Beach Hotel Acre  4 stars

Derech Harbaa 1, Acre, Israel

Acre Guest rating USD 136

Kinneret Village  4 stars

Kinneret 15105, Kinneret, Israel

Kinneret Very good USD 131

Carlton Nahariya Hotel  4 stars

Ga'Aton 23, Nahariya, Israel

Nahariya Good USD 124

Royal Plaza Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Ganei Menorah Blv. Pob 1716 , Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Very good USD 162

Madison Hotel Nahariya  4 stars

17 Ha'Aliya St., Nahariya, Israel

Nahariya Very good USD 165

Emily'S Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Hagalil 66, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Superb USD 203

Kibbutz Nof Ginosar Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Kibbutz Ginosar, Tiberias, Israel, 1498000

Tiberias USD 212

Villa Galilee Chateaux & Hotels Collection Safed  4 stars

106 Hagdud Hashlishi Street, Safed, Israel, 13100

Safed Fabulous USD 224

Restal Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Yehuda Ha'Levi Street, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Very good USD 134

Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Tiberias  4 stars

1 Eliezer Kaplan Street, Tiberias, Israel, 141000

Tiberias Fabulous USD 316

Golan Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

14 Ehad Ha'Am Street Po Box 555, Tiberias, Israel, Tiberias, Israel, 14222

Tiberias Fabulous USD 254

Caesar Premier Tiberias Hotel  4 stars

103 Hatayelet Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14102

Tiberias Good USD 234

Leonardo Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

198 R Grand Barak Street, Po Box 175, Tiberias, Israel, 14103

Tiberias Fabulous USD 192

Kfar Giladi Hotel  4 stars

Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, Kfar Giladi, Israel, 12210

Kfar Giladi Very good USD 174

Ein Gev Holiday Resort  4 stars

Kibbutz Ein Gev, Ein Gev, Israel, 14940

Ein Gev Fabulous USD 322

Dona Gracia Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Haprahim 3 Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14204

Tiberias Fabulous USD 143

Rimonim Mineral Tiberias Hotel  4 stars

Habanim Street, P.O. Box 22, Tiberias, Israel, 14100

Tiberias Good USD 183

C Hotel Tiberias Boutique  4 stars

19 Ohel Yaakov Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14223


Ruth Rimonim Hotel Safed  4 stars

Artist Colony Road, Safed, Israel

Safed Fabulous USD 194

Club Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Ahad Haam 50, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Good USD 102

Kibbutz Lavi Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Lg Galilee Tiberias, Tiberias-Galilee, Il, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias USD 357

Olive Boutique Hotel Nahariya  4 stars

Sderot Hanassi Ben Tsvi 1, Nahariya, Israel

Nahariya USD 190

King Solomon Hotel Tiberias  4 stars

Hashomer 23, Tiberias, Israel, 85200

Tiberias Guest rating USD 115

Karo Mansion Safed  3 stars

Tarpat 40, Safed, Israel

Safed USD 158

Kibbutz Maagan Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

Lg Galilee Tiberias, Tiberias-Galilee, Il, Tiberias, Israel


Casa De Maria Hotel Nazareth  3 stars

3001 / 27, Nazareth P.O.Box 38, Zip Code 16000 ,Nazareth , Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth Superb USD 181

Hametsuda Hotel Safed  3 stars

37 Jerusalem Street, Safed, Israel

Safed USD 150

Galilee Hotel Nazareth  3 stars

Paul 6Th St., Nazareth, Israel


Ataba Inn Nazareth  3 stars

Casanova St. Near Annunciation Basilica, Nazareth, Israel, 16100


Golden Suites Tiberias  3 stars

6 Yokhanan Ben Zakai St. Corner Of Yarden St., Tiberias, Israel, 1424210

Tiberias Superb USD 127

Nes Ammim Hotel  3 stars

Nes Ammim Village, Nes Ammim, Israel, 22801

Nes Ammim

Nofim Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

Eliezer Kaplan Blvd , Tiberias, Israel, 14100


Rosenthalis Hotel Safed  3 stars

Tet Zain 23, Safed, Israel

Safed Fabulous USD 141

Villa Roca Tiberias  3 stars

Hagalil 24, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias USD 105

Golden Crown Old City Hotel Nazareth  3 stars

Galilee St. 16, Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth Exceptional USD 146

Villa Nazareth Hotel  3 stars

6053 St. P.O. Box 2020, Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth Superb USD 113

Berger Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

27 Neiberg Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14105

Tiberias Very good USD 124

Hotel Nes Ammim  3 stars

Lg Western Galilee, Naharia, Il, Nes Ammim, Israel, 25225

Nes Ammim Fabulous USD 102

Kibbutz Malkiya Travel Hotel Malkiyya  3 stars

Kibbutz Malkiya, Malkiyya, Israel, 13845

Malkiyya Fabulous USD 154

Ohalo Manor Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

Kibbutz Kinneret, Tiberias, Israel, 15118

Tiberias Very good USD 375

Arcadia Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

16 Ussishkin Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14229

Tiberias Good USD 110

Astoria Galilee Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

Ohel Yaakov Street 13, Tiberias, Israel, 14225

Tiberias Very good USD 195

Shtarkman Erna Hotel Nahariya  3 stars

29 Jabotinsky Street, Nahariya, Israel, 22382

Nahariya Superb USD 187

Metula Travel Hotel  3 stars

Harishonim 52, Metula, Israel

Metula Very good USD 151

Eden Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

4 Ohel Yaakov Street, Tiberias, Israel, 565

Tiberias Guest rating USD 120

St Gabriel Hotel Nazareth  3 stars

2 Salesians St, P.O. Box 2448, Nazareth, Israel, 16000

Nazareth Guest rating USD 151

Tabar Hotel Nazareth  3 stars

5053 El Mutran, Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth Good USD 114

Prima Too Hotel Tiberias  3 stars

Ohel Yaakov 2, Tiberias, Israel, 1410502

Tiberias Fabulous USD 127

Travel Hotel Eilon Elon  2 stars

Kibbutz Eilon, D.N. Galil Maaravi, Israel, Elon, Israel, 22845

Elon Fabulous USD 132

Gonen Holiday Village - Lodge  3 stars

Kibbutz Gonen, D.N. Upper Galallie, Gonen, Il, Gonen, Israel


Amiad Joseph Well Country Inn  2 stars

Kibbutz Amiad, Ammiad, Israel

Ammiad Superb USD 238

Merom Golan Hotel  2 stars

Kibbutz Merom Golan, Merom Golan, Israel, 12436

Merom Golan USD 110

Ashdot Yaacov Ichud Kibbutz Country Lodging Hotel Afiqim  2 stars

Kibbutz Ashdot Yaacov Ichud, Afiqim, Israel

Afiqim USD 212

Panorama Hotel Tiberias  2 stars

Hagalil 56, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Good USD 87

Ginosar Village Tiberias  2 stars

Lg Galilee Tiberias, Tiberias-Galilee, Il, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Fabulous USD 209

Safed Inn  0 stars

Corners Of Merom Canaan St. & Hagdud Hashlishi St., Safed, Israel, 13100

Safed Superb USD 82

Hi - Karei Deshe Hostel Kibbutz Ginnosar  0 stars

D.N. Hevel Korazim , Kibbutz Ginnosar, Israel

Kibbutz Ginnosar Fabulous

Artists' Colony Inn Zefat Safed  0 stars

Simtat Yud Zayin 9, Safed, Israel, 13231

Safed Superb USD 237

Leonardo Club Tiberias Hotel  0 stars

Habanim Street, Tiberias, Israel, 14201

Tiberias Fabulous USD 220

Ron Beach Hotel Tiberias  0 stars

Derech Gdud Barack, Tiberias, Israel, 14101

Tiberias USD 217

Vitrage Guest House Nazareth  0 stars

St 6083 House 4, Nazareth, Israel, 16040

Nazareth Superb USD 104

Degania Bet Kibbutz Country Lodging Hotel  0 stars

Kibbutz Degania Bet, Degania Bet, Israel, 15130

Degania Bet Very good

Hakuk Balev Villa H̱uqoq  0 stars

Kibbutz Hokok, H̱uqoq, Israel, 1292300


Merom Golan Resort Village  0 stars

Kibbutz Merom Golan, Merom Golan, Israel, 12436

Merom Golan Fabulous USD 200

Naftali Estate Villa Ramot Naftali  0 stars

Moshav Ramot Naftaly, Ramot Naftali, Israel, 13830

Ramot Naftali USD 104

Nir David Country Lodge Nir Dawid  0 stars

Kibbutz Nir David, Nir Dawid, Israel, 10803

Nir Dawid USD 226

Dolphin Village Shavei Zion  0 stars

Hagefen Street Shavei Zion, Shavei Zion, Israel

Shavei Zion USD 148

Avney Hahoshen Hotel Safed  0 stars

T'Z 23, Kiryat Ha'Amanim, Safed, Israel, 18925

Safed USD 124

Sea Life Hotel Nahariya  0 stars

Haaliya 75 , Nahariya, Israel, 22387

Nahariya Very good USD 249

Nofey Gonen Holiday Village  0 stars

Kibbutz Gonen, Gonen, Israel, 12130

Gonen USD 136

Abu Saeed Hostel Nazareth  0 stars

Old City, Nazareth, Israel, 16092

Nazareth Good

Rimonim Hermon Holiday Village Neve Ativ  0 stars

Moshav Neve Ativ, North Golan, Neve Ativ, Israel, 12493

Neve Ativ Very good USD 222

Fauzi Azar Inn Nazareth  0 stars

Old City, Nazareth, Israel, 16100

Nazareth Fabulous USD 67

Arbel Guest House Shavit Family  0 stars

Arbel Village Lower Galillee, Arbel, Israel, 15282

Arbel Fabulous

Al Hakim Guest House Nazareth  0 stars

Al Mutran (Ha Bishop) Square, Nazareth, Israel, 16000

Nazareth USD 122

Ein Harod Ichud Kibbutz Country Lodging Villa ‘En H̱arod  0 stars

Kibbutz Ein Harod Ichud, ‘En H̱arod, Israel, 18960

‘En H̱arod Very good USD 227

Kibbutz Country Lodging Afik Villa Tiberias  0 stars

Lg. Galilee Teberias, Tiberias, Israel

Tiberias Fabulous USD 171

Old City Stones Apartment Safed  0 stars

Jerusalem St 60, Safed, Israel

Safed USD 114

Kinar Galilee Hotel Hof Golan  0 stars

Sea Of Galilee, Hof Golan, Israel, 12490

Hof Golan