15 customs you shouldn’t break in other countries

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The cultural barriers offered up by travel can be confusing at the best of times, but there are a few things you shouldn’t do in far off destinations if you don’t want to upset the locals.

Booked.net looks at a few of the no-nos. (Courtesy of Buzzfeed)

And if you need a further reminder here they are again…

Norway: Don’t unwrap flowers before giving them as a gift
Russia: Don’t give an even number of flowers
Canada: Don’t drink alcohol outside
Singapore: Don’t chew gum or spit outside
New Zealand: Don’t honk
Brazil: Don’t use the OK gesture
Italy: Don’t order cappuccinos in the evening
US: Don’t forget to leave a tip
Germany: Don’t wish someone happy birthday before the day before
China: Don’t give clocks or umbrellas as gifts
Hungary: Don’t clink glasses when toasting
Vietnam: Don’t accept a gift with one hand
Netherlands: Don’t give someone sharp objects as a gift

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