“Capture the Seasons” – highlights

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THE entries keep on coming for our blogger promotion “Capture the Seasons” and they include some stunning images from across the world.

So again, we want to share some of the best submitted so far.

It was a tough choice – but here is another selection of pics that the team at Booked.net thinks capture the essense of the four seasons, their color and contrasts.

Inspired? Want to take part? Search your photos and for more details click on this link.

Be imaginative – the only limit is your creativity.

Thanks to all of those bloggers who have taken part so far.

I realise it is autumn/fall when…

…I acquired two new traditions that are now distinctive parts of fall for me: Halloween and Thanksgiving, Texas.


…our favourite season to go hiking, the autumn colours well displayed on the trees and on the ground.


I realise it is winter when…

…when I see snow on the ground and random sculptures of ice like here at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio.


…I only realize it is winter when I see snow…I call this Virginia photo, “Pull up a chair and snow a while.”


I realise it is spring when…

…the long harsh and very cold winter days are replaced by sunny, warmer days, Seoul, South Korea.


…when the flowers begin to bloom, Singapore.


I realise it is summer when…

…kids are playing, I’m daydreaming, and the weather is perfect, Mission Beach, San Diego.
…the only place I want to be is a beach, Melbourne, Australia.
***First image; http://malaysianmeanders.blogspot.com/2012/09/capture-seasons.html I realise it is fall when Hayfield mazes start cropping up in Texas. Sweet Berry Farm, Marble Falls, Texas.

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