Join our blogger promotion “Capture the Seasons”

DO you have any photos saved on your computer that illustrate the seasons and you think deserve a wider audience?

If so, here’s your chance. Not only are you sharing your pics, but you could also win fame in the blogging world.

The seasons are distinct, yet completely familiar, but they always bring something refreshingly new that allows you to capture the unique essence of each quarter.

Your photos can be anything. Funny, thought-provoking or amazing as long as they capture the seasons.

Share your photos and your experiences with the rest of the blogging community.

Our team will select the best entries for each season and publish them on our blog and share them across social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Want to take part?

Here’s how in five simple steps…

1. Choose a photo or photos for your blog that to your mind sums up the following sentences:

  • I realise it is autumn/fall when…
  • I realise it is winter when…
  • I realise it is spring when…
  • I realise it is summer when…

It can be one season or all four – it’s up to you:

2. Complete the “I realise…” sentence and write a small description explaining your photo if you wish.

3. Copy and paste somewhere in your blog post the line – This is my entry in‘s “Capture the Season”. (Please remember to maintain the hyperlink).

4. Tell everyone about your post with a link in the comments section below and tweet with the hashtag #CaptureTheSeasons.

5. Invite other bloggers by including a link to their blog in your post.

The best posts will be published on our blog.

Here’s a selection of  photos we have collected from the blogging world to inspire you and give you examples:

I realise it is autumn/fall when…

(Photo: Donna and Alan Chipping

…leaves turn golden yellow and brilliant red – making anywhere a playground for children.

I realise it is winter when…


…you walk out your door to be greeted by ice and snow.

I realise it is spring when…

(Photo: Bilal Farooq

…when trees blossom and fill the air with their scent as nature reawakens after the winter.

I realise it is summer when…


…when the temperature climbs so high that even family pets seek ways to cool down.

So join in, share your photos with us and the world.

Title photo – Photographer Kim Cathers from Kris Krug on Flickr